Cours Simon 1st prize (2 years)
Cours Charpentier Art’s Studio : Luc Charpentier (32 years)
Workshop International school PARALLAXE –Brussels with Didier Gesquière
Workshop in English – Jack Waltzer (Actor’s studio New York )
Work with Claire Growthey (Nicole Kdman’s coach) in Australia for the genam accent and transcontinental accent.
Workshop 55 prod –(July 2015)
Workshop CM acting with Elise Mc Leod : acting in English (September 2015)

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Coaching in career development with Marie Bicheler  Preparation of a new showreel  (directed by Alain Prioul)

News 2017

At the moment I’m working on the dubbing of “The young and the restless“. (Abby Newman) “Bold” (Steffy Forrester “BEN 10” (Gwendolyne TEnnyson and The “Power Puff Girls ” (Bubbles)

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